Standard Size intumescent fire blocks

Standard Size intumescent fire blocks


  • £12.46 (Ex. VAT)

The Fire Seals Shop proudly stocks Pyroplex's high quality range of intumescent air transfer fire blocks.

When installing ventilation, air conditioning, ductwork or simply cutting holes for ventilation within a door, the integrity of the building must be retained. Fire blocks intumesce (expand under heat) to close the gap in the door in a fire situation. They offer a low maintenance, low cost answer and give up to 60 minutes fire integrity in accordance with British Standard BS 476 Part 20:22.

Furthermore, they give excellent free air flow during normal conditions and benefit from being maintenance free as they have no moving parts.

For more information on Pyroplex air transfer intumescent blocks, please see Pyroplex's website


  • Low cost
  • Up to 60 minutes fire integrity
  • Easy to install & maintenance free
  • Fire tested in compliance with BS 476 Part 20:22

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