Norsound WAVE Door Bottom Seal


  • £38.50 (Ex. VAT)

WAVE is a unique, multi-purpose drop door seal.

It is the first product of its type to incorporate outstanding acoustic performance, lower-door protection, stylish, contemporary looks, robust design and durability.

Primarily designed for use in specific, acoustic, double-door scenarios, WAVE’s superior looks, functionality and in-built versatility broadens its use to almost ALL double and single doorset arrangements.

WAVE can be face-fixed to any operational door by means of its integrated, high-tack, self-adhesive strips. For heavy and severe duty applications, WAVE incorporates an additional screw-fix option.

The action of the door opening and closing lifts and drops the self-levelling seal mechanism, thus eliminating the gap between the door and its threshold.
A combination of innovative design and lightweight construction ensures opening and closing forces are kept to a minimum.

Visit the Norsound Wave microsite.


  • Sound reduction
  • Lower door protection
  • Acoustically tested to BS EN 140:3
  • 1,000,000 cycle tested
  • Available EX-STOCK
  • Lower-door protection
  • Contemporary design

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