VariGroove Automatic Drop Door Seal


  • £20.44 (Ex. VAT)

The first acoustic drop down seal to have real adaptability!

VariGroove is the first drop down seal to fully take on the problem of uneven floors. VariGroove has a very unique feature, the base of the blade is cut into narrow 'curtain' style strips, each one acting independently of the next, there are a full 4 banks of seals per unit (see photo above).

Why Choose Varigroove?

Simply put VariGroove is the ultimate drop down seal where we cannot control the floor surface. Tested to laboratory standards but designed to overcome the daily issues of uneven floors VariGroove has a place in the market as the ultimate in forgiving seals.

Need a flat threshold, look no further as VariGroove will take surface undulations and seal them without fuss, hence no need for a threshold plate.

The Tested Solution

VariGroove has been tested to BS EN ISO 140-3 1995 and shown to have similar results to the NOR810 range of seals. VariGroove would not outperform the standard range in a laboratory but on uneven ground this seal will win all day long!

VariGroove’s real uses are when they are not in a 'perfect solution'. We simply have no test system in this country for poor applications so it is hard to promote the seal this way, one thing is for sure, when you are outside the comfort zone on site you will be pleased you used VariGroove.

Visit the VariGroove microsite.


  • Sound reduction
  • Protects against smoke
  • Any floor surface
  • 15mm Max drop
  • Self levelling
  • Lightweight operation
  • Unobtrusive

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