NORfast Perimeter Seal


  • £30.94 (Ex. VAT)

Length: 2100mm

NORfast is a revolutionary surface mounted door seal which protects against fire and smoke whilst also being acoustically tested up to 42dB. NORfast provides excellent fire and smoke sealing, in accordance with BS 476 Part 20 & 22 fire resistance and BS 476 Part 31.1 cold smoke leakage regulations. NORfast is combined acoustic and intumescent sealing, capable of expanding or swelling (intumescing) under extreme heat, which provides a fire resistance in the event of fire.

The Single Door Set Kit includes 2x 2.1mtr lengths and 1x 1mtr length of NORfast. The Double Door Set Kit includes 3x 2.1mtr lengths of NORfast and 2x 10x4mm intumescent strips (one fire only and one with a fin) to be placed in the meeting stile of the door.

The recommended gap tolerance is 3mm-4mm.


  • Protects against smoke
  • Protects against fire
  • Tested in accordance with BS 476 part 20 & 22 and 31.1
  • Acoustically tested up to 42dB
  • Durable material
  • Easy surface mounted fit
  • Easy cut

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