Letter Box Covers

The Fire Seal Shop stock a range of fully fire rated letterboxes for use in applications up to 60 minutes fire integrity!

You will be sure to find a letterbox necessary for your application. The Fire Seal Shop stocks fire rated and acoustic letterboxes in a variety of different finishes.

These letterboxes have been cleverly designed to achieve up to 60 minutes fire integrity in a 54mm thick door, but can be also used in a 30 minute 44mm thick fire door. By using a high quality intumescent liner together with a fire resistant frame, our letterboxes are of the highest quality.

This has been backed up with independent test evidence in compliance with British Standard BS 476 Pt 20:22.

Our acoustic letterboxes are also capable of up to 60 minutes fire integrity, however they can perform up to 40dB acoustically too - this is perfect for applications where not only is a fire rating necessary, but the fitter is also concerned with keeping noise to a minimum.