About Us

Fire Seal Shop is an online shop in co-operation with Norseal. From the outset Norseal have been committed to the wholesale distribution of intumescent fire and smoke seals, today Norseal are a true 'Specialist Seals Distributor' encompassing acoustics, fire rated glazing seals, threshold seals and weather seals. Intumescent Seals is taking the company into the future by having a selection of products available for purchase online.

Think of Fire Seal Shop as your own 'extension' to your warehouse. Imagine walking into your store and opening a door into just about every different size, shape, brand and colour of intumescent strip together with a host of ancillary products. You have just thought of Fire Seal Shop, it really is that easy.

We work closely with the key manufacturers matching need with availability, always promoting good practice within the industry. Add to this the fact that we react at such pace, our enviable knowledge bank and forward thinking management we know you will find Norseal a benefit to your company.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have. Call us on 01661 830088 or email us.