SmartSeal (TA/ TB/ CA/ WA/ WB/ WC)


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Please note that some products may not always be available for next day delivery, most notably the WB and WC weather boards. If you would like a particular length cut then this can also be arranged for 2-3 days delivery.

The Sealmaster SmartSeal system is a very high performing range of seals for inward or outward opening external doors of either single or double leaf design. The stylish SmartSeal weatherboard section provides a perfect accompaniment to the SmartSeal threshold plates.

The low-rise SmartSeal threshold section with Sealmaster's patented valve-controlled drainage ensures ease of access with maximum weather protection. The SmartSeal threshold section is available in two versions: one for timber or vinyl floor finishes (section TB) and the other for carpet finishes incorporating a square edge to butt against the carpet (section TA).

The SmartSeal threshold drainage trough is covered to prevent a tripping hazard.

A range of weatherboard and contact strip options is available in a choice of finishes to suit both traditional and contemporary door designs. For outward opening doors the contact strip is fitted to the inside face of the door and is a discrete section, which does not detract from the style of the door.

The threshold, weatherboard and contact strip sections all utilise covers to hide their fixings and ensure clean, crisp, lines. Smartseal seals can be used with virtually all Sealmaster stop seals.

The SmartSeal weatherboard is available in four options:

  • CA weatherboard has a simplistic and unobtrusive design.
  • WA weatherboard provides an angled option with a silver or gold finish.
  • WB and WC are available in wood finishes if you are looking for a more traditional look.

The SmartSeal weather threshold is available in two options:

  • TA threshold for carpet finishes incorporating a square edge to butt against the carpet
  • TB threshold for directly fitting on top of timber or vinyl floor finishes

Please see the following datasheet for more information on the SmartSeal: SmartSeal datasheet.

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