System-36 PLUS

System-36 PLUS


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Lorient's System-36 PLUS is a glazing U-channel that provides up to 60 minute fire resistance in doors and screens.

This system is commonly used as a 30 minute system, however it has some 60 minute evidence in fire rated screens with thicker glasses. The test evidence is superb, with a wide range of glass sizes and options for 30 minute applications.

The system comes in various sizes suitable for different glass thicknesses, a list of which are as follows:

System 36/5 = for 4-5mm glass

System 36/6 = for 6-7mm glass

System 36/10 = for 9-12mm glass

System 36/15 = for 14-16mm glass

System 36/23 (screen use only) = for 23mm glass

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